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Access Control Keypad from SECO-LARM®


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For Door Strike & Security Control Applications
  • Flexible --Ideal for access control and security applications.
  • Secure --Over 100 million possible codes.
  • 4 levels of codes:
    • Master code (1 to 8 digits)
    • User code (1 to 8 digits)
    • Duress code (same as user code, but with the first digit increased by 2)
    • Quick code (first 2 digits of the user code)
  • Duress code -- Allows the user to activate the keypad while simultaneously sending a panic signal or activating a telephone dialer.
  • Quick code -- Allows users to use only 2 digits to latch the relay ON when minimal security is required (for example, allowing unrestricted access during the day, and controlled access at night). The relay is turned OFF by keying the user code.
  • Built-in heavy-duty 5A relay -- Programmable for N.O. or N.C., momentary (1 to 999 seconds), shunt, and quick code (2-digit) shunt output.
  • Protection against unauthorized use -- Programmable 30-second lockout or duress output after 10 unsuccessful attempts to key in code.
  • Outputs:
    • 5A relay (programmable N.O. or N.C.)
    • Duress (100mA ground, 25VDC max)
    • Tamper (N.C.)
  • Egress input -- Allows pushbutton switch to bypass security code for exit from protected premises.
  • Stainless steel face -- Durable finish for long-lasting great looks and
  • 3 status LEDs:
    • Red -- ON during 10-sec. time limit for code entry.
    • Amber -- Confirms programming functions.
    • Green -- ON when relay is engaged.
  • Built-in buzzer -- Gives audible confirmation of functions & coding.
  • EEPROM memory -- Prevents data loss during power failure.
  • Includes back box and mounting hardware.
  • Connects to most burglar alarm control panels, including the ENFORCER 295.

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