Wireless RF Series


3-Channel 315MHz Receiver

The SK-910R3Q is a wireless receiver that meets the growing demand for multi-channel receivers with multiple and independently controlled output modes. RF receivers can be used to control a variety of home automation devices such as garage door openers, lights, motorized gates, lifts, or other devices remotely.

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  • * Use to control home automation functions, garage door openers, house lights, alarm control panels, motorized gates, lifts or other devices by remote control.
    * Mode switch for easy transmitter learning.
    * Easily Code-learns up to 15 remotes per channel.
    * Stores codes safely in EEPROM for up to one year in case of power loss.
    * Three Form-C Dry Relay Contact (NO/NC/COM) Outputs. Each output rated 10 Amps at 24 VDC.
    * 3 Separate Channels / 3 Output Modes (timed momentary, toggle, latch, continuous or validity)
    * All outputs are independently controlled.


Color Camera
Type Receivers
Operating Frequency 315MHz
Number of Channels 3
Memory Capacity 15 transmitter button codes per channel
Operating Voltage 11~24 VAC/VDC
Current Draw Standby- 12mA@12VDC, Active- 50mA@12VDC per channel
Relay Contact Rating Form C 10A@24VDC or 120VAC per channel
Connectors Screw terminals, +, -, with NO/NC/COM per channel
Dimensions 5.3 x 3.9 x 1.1 in (135 x 100 x 27.5 mm)
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Installation Manual SK-910R3Q_R4Q_InstMenu_150116.pdf
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