Strobe Lights Series


54-LED Strobe Lights, Green

ENFORCER LED Strobe Lights provide all of the functions of a regular strobe light and much more. Each strobe light has an operating life of 50,000 hours—over 160 times the operating life of a regular strobe light. The SL-1301-S series also has 6 selectable flashing options with adjustable flashing speed, making the LED strobe light suitable for many applications. It has a 9-Volt backup battery option making it ideal for continuous lighting applications and is engineered so that it is visible from all directions.

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  • * Available in 5 colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Clear, or Red.
    * LED Strobes feature a longer life with less heat generated.
    * Low maintenance. Operating life of over 50,000 hours (5.7 years).
    * Programmable for flashing strobe or rotating beacon mode.
    * Can be used as emergency strobe or continuous-use warning indicator.
    * Omni-directional - visible in all directions.
    * 9-Volt backup battery option for continuous operation.
    * Adjustable flashing speed with 6 different flash patterns.
    * Built-in siren.


Color Camera
Type LED
Operating Voltage 9~24 VAC/VDC
Operating Temperature -4°~144° F (-20°~65° C)
Dimensions 3-15/16 x2-29/32 in (100 x 74mm)
Current Draw (Max) 90~550mA@12VDC
Operating Life Over 50,000 hours
# Of Flash Patterns 6
Flashing Speed Adjustable 30~260 times/min
Vertical LED Strips 10
Total # of LEDs 54
Electrical Protection Reverse polarity protection
Adjustable Flashing Speed Max: 260times/min ; Min: 30times/min
Backup Battery Life Steady ON: Up to 2 hours estimated Strobe/Flashing: Up to 2 hours estimated
Built-in Siren Yes
IP Rating IP55
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Installation Manual SL-1301-xAQ_InstMenu_150819.pdf
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