Values, Ethics, Wisdom, Service, and Education

Our purpose is to “expound fundamental Chinese cultural values; promote education in ethics; encourage practical life wisdom; redirect society towards humanitarianism; and nurture people with ‘talent, good morals, and intelligence’ through diverse sources of wisdom from the humanities and individuals.”

Superior Education Foundation
Since the establishment of the “SUPERIOR ELECTRONICS CORPORATION,” its founder and chairman, Mr. Shih-Ming Hwang, has operated his business safely and smoothly both in Taiwan and in the United States. Mr. Hwang believes that the establishment and development of his career owes much to the moral influence of the philosophy of the Chinese sages, and these influences have been primarily inspired by the traditional classical texts. Therefore, Mr. Hwang wishes to share the benefit of reading these classical texts with the company’s employees and their children, and furthermore promote the reading of these works in the community. In October, 1996, he founded the Superior Society which provides Chinese reading classes for parents and children, with the Society bearing both the fees for lecturers and the administrative costs. At the end of 2001, he again applied to the Ministry of Education to found the Superior Education Foundation (A Non-profit Charitable Foundation) in order to expand both the scope of its service and the parties served.


Superior Education Foundation holds the purpose to “Carry forward the Chinese cultural inherent; Promote ethical education; Inspire wisdom of life; Redirect human heart in the society and Nurture humanities talents with multiple intelligence including “talents, virtue and wisdom”.

Scope of Service
  • Provide scholarships and stipends to help less fortunate students who are academic achievers.
  • Set up “Classical Text Reading Classes for Parents and Children” and “Great Wisdom Study Classes for Adults” to promote the reading of the classical texts among all people.
  • Organize or sponsor lectures, symposiums, or other educational activities concerning sinology, ethics, or health related topics as well as donate books on related topics.
  • Set up libraries, kindergartens, schools, or related foundations, societies, or groups, as well as make donations to help existing organizations.
  • Other activities with similar purposes.
Past Activities
  • Give out attendance scholarships twice yearly for “Chinese Reading Classes.” (1996.10 ~ present)
  • Hold “Great Wisdom Study Class” for adults. These classes are held weekly on Thursday (The Analects of Confucius) and Saturday (Tao Te Ching). (2003.12 ~ present)
  • Contribute to the building of Chong De College. (in process)
  • Host the “Young Scholars Examination” partnering with the Chong-De Culture and Education Foundation. (2008 ~ present)
  • Host the “Character Challenge Experiential Summer Camp” partnering with the Normal Chong-De Society. (2010 ~ present)
  • Co-host the award event for the “Piety Inspirational Scholarship” with the Chong-De Culture and Education Foundation. (2004.05 ~ present)
  • Co-host the “Advancement of Traditional Chinese Culture and 45 Filial Piety Day” at various times with the Guang-Hui Cultural Association. (2008 ~ present)
  • Co-host the Third Annual I-Kuan-Tao Research Symposium. (2012 ~ present)
  • Co-host the “Classic Strategy Symposium” with the China Enterprise Institute (2009 ~ present)
  • Co-host the Hualien Family Assistance Center’s “Flee Harm, Let Love Soar” Loving Care Garden Party. (2007~2008)
  • Co-host the “Chung-De Cheerful Study Camp” held by Chong-De Culture and Education Foundation. (2007.12)
  • Co-host “Chung-De Happy Study Camp” held by Chong-De Culture and Education Foundation. (2007.12)
  • Irregular Disaster Relief Donation.


Superior Education Foundation (SEF)

3F, No. 10, Lane 31, Chong-De Str., Sin-Yi Dist. Taipei
TEL:886-2-2378-6161 Contact: April Lin

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