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Voice Dialer

When triggered by an alarm system, the ENFORCER Voice Dialer calls up to 6 numbers to deliver an 18-second message reporting the zone which triggered the alarm. It calls each number up to 3 times and repeats the message twice. The receiver can listen in and trigger or turn off the auxiliary relay.

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    • Trigger activated dialer with user programmable message (12-second basic + 6-second message for the triggered input)
    • LCD display indicates ready or alarm (input and number dialed)
    • 1 Inhibit and 3 trigger inputs, each programmable high (input>3.5V) or low (input<1V)
    • Listen in, stop the dialing process, and/or turn the auxiliary output on or off during dialer call out
    • Call in any time to listen in and/or turn auxiliary output on or off
    • Remote control auxiliary relay – open doors/gates by phone
    • 6 Programmable emergency phone numbers (14 digits each)
    • Built-in flash memory to protect against system data loss
    • Tone or pulse dialing


Color Camera
Type Dialer
Operating Voltage 10~18 VDC
Current draw 50mA@12VDC standby, 200mA@12VDC dialing
Phone system For single-line or VOIP phone systems
Connectors / Inputs Terminal block
Connectors / Telephony Terminal block
Inputs (max. 15V) 3 Trigger and 1 inhibit, NO/NC, programmable high (input >3.5V) or low (<1V)
Auxiliary relay output 2A@24VDC, NO/NC, programmable 1~255 sec
Emergency message length 12s + 6s message per input (user recorded)
Emergency phone numbers 6 numbers, up to 14 digits for each number
Programmable dial attempts 3 times for each number
Message repeat 1~2 times for each number (customizable)
Operating temperature 32°~140° F (0°~60° C)
Dimensions 4-1/16"x5-9/16"x1-11/16" (104x142x43 mm)
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